Lawson Peak Trail: Hiking, Scrambling and Climbing to the Summit

Lawson Peak Hike

Distance: 4.5 miles | Hiking time: 3 hours | More info.

Lawson Peak is the type of hike you do for the challenge, not simply to get out in nature. The scramble to the summit may test your nerve if you are not a practiced rock climber. Although it can be challenging in some areas, determined peak baggers wil…

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Take on the Mission Trails 5-Peak Challenge

5-Peak Challenge - North Fortuna Peak

On Saturday, November 7, Mission Trails Regional Park announced the 5-Peak Challenge to bring attention to the park’s 60 miles of mixed-use trails that lead to 5 of the highest peaks in the city of San Diego.

Mission Trails is home to some of my favorite local hikes, so there was no question wh…

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El Cajon Mountain Trail: Taking on San Diego’s “Toughest” Hike

Hiking El Cajon Mountain Trail

Distance: 11 miles | Hiking time: 5-6 hours | More info.

Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding hike near San Diego? Look no further than El Cajon Mountain, a.k.a. El Capitan, a popular destination for experienced hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. El Cajon Mountain Trail is located in …

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Three Sisters Falls Trail – A Beautiful Destination Hike, With One Caveat

Three Sisters Falls Hike

Distance: 4.0 miles | Hiking time: 3 hours | More info.

Introducing Three Sisters Falls Trail

Cleveland National Forest is home to some of San Diego’s most revered hiking trails, campgrounds and backcountry destinations. Not least among them is Three Sisters Falls trail.

Located in Cleveland Nat

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Pyles Peak in Mission Trails – a Little Known Hidden Gem

Pyles Peak trail sign

Distance: 6 miles | Hiking time: 3 hours | More info.

Discover Pyles Peak

While Cowles Mountain Trail is a popular destination for hikers, the challenge by itself can fall a little short for some. Fortunately, there is a hidden gem nearby that provides stunning views and a more secluded experience. P

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Mt Woodson Trail Hike to Potato Chip Rock: Challenge Yourself and Take a Bite of the Chip

Potato Chip Rock on Mt. Woodson Summit

Distance: 7.25 miles | Hiking time: 4.5 hours | More info.

Mt Woodson Trail is one of San Diego’s most popular hiking destinations, and for good reason. In addition to the challenging workout and scenic views it offers, Potato Chip Rock is located just below Woodson’s summit and draws v…

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Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail – a Scenic Hike with a View of Beautiful Lake Hodges

Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail

Distance: 7.2 miles | Hiking time: 3.5 hours | More info.

Bernardo Mountain Summit Trail will keep you challenged all the way to the summit. The trail leads up the mountain from a beautiful green valley to the summit. There, you’ll have a clear view of more of San Diego’s most popular hiking spot…

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Iron Mountain Trail Hike: Soaring to New Heights on the “Short” Trail

Iron Mountain Peak Trailhead

Distance: 6.4 miles | Hiking time: 3.5 hours | More info.

When it comes to views of the local mountains, the view from the summit of Iron Mountain Trail in San Diego is as good as it gets. The family friendly hike begins in Poway off Highway 67, just a few short miles from another favorite hike of min…

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Miner’s Ridge Loop Trail Hike On Black Mountain – A Quick Local Hike With Big Rewards

Black Mountain Miner's Ridge Loop Trail

Distance: 4.25 miles | Hiking time: 2 hours | More info.

Miner’s Ridge Loop Trail is centrally located in Black Mountain Open Space Park in San Diego. It offers 360 degree views, including an unobstructed view of the mountains to the east. The trail is well-traveled and popular among hikers an…

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Kwaay Paay Peak Hike: A Short, but Challenging Hike Through a Manzanita Forest to One of San Diego’s Highest Peaks

Kwaay Paay Peak Trail

 Distance: 2.5 miles | Hiking time: 1.5 hours | More info.

Kwaay Paay Peak Hike is a challenging hike with a quick ascent that takes you through a forest of manzanita trees, making it a fun and enjoyable experience. Wear sturdy hiking shoes and be ready for workout that will challenge your legs an…

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