Ultralight Backpacking Meal Plan for the John Muir Trail

Ultralight Backpacking Meal Plan for the John Muir Trail

There are two things I can’t stand, within the context of this article, when I’m on a backpacking trip. Those are being hungry and returning home with food left over. A good backpacking meal plan can solve both.

The first one probably sounds pretty straightforward. Being hungry sucks. Everyone kno…

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How Much Water do You Need to Take Hiking or Backpacking?

How much water do you need for hiking?

Have you ever run out of water on a hike with miles or hours to go before your next sip? If you have, then you’re not alone.

In December 2014, I set out to hike the California Riding & Hiking Trail in Joshua Tree from Blackrock Canyon to Juniper Flats and back. The 36 mile out and back overnight trip woul…

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My Cold Weather Clothing System Tested on Cuyamaca and Stonewall Peaks in the Snow

Liebster Award Nomination

Over the last couple of years I have been working on putting together an effective cold weather clothing system. It’s a work in progress that continues to evolve as I gain more experience.

The honest truth is that I’m a native of San Diego, and I spent my winters as a kid surfing rather tha…

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Four Things You Need to Know to Plan a Successful Backpacking Trip in Joshua Tree.

Backpacking in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is one of the most beautiful National Parks I’ve ever seen. The sunsets are spectacular and the stars are so bright they light up the night sky. It’s a backpacker’s dream, as long as you know what to expect.

Out of all the hiking and backpacking that I’ve done, Joshua Tree has proven to be the g

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Leave No Trace Principles for Hiking and Camping Explained

Use Map & Compass Instead of Cairns - photo by Craig Stanfill

Whether you’re new to hiking and camping or just starting out, chances are you’re familiar with the term, “Leave no trace.”

So what exactly does it mean to leave no trace?

The answer to that question seems straightforward, and for the most part it is, but there are a few details you may not have consider…

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50+ Wilderness Survival Tips to Keep You Safe, Sound and Get You Found

Birch trees, photo by Chris Ford

Whether you’re just out for a leisurely day hike, or fending off charging Grizzlies on a 4,700 mile solo expedition around the Alaskan Yukon, the phrase, “it pays to be prepared,” cannot be overstated.

Just about anyone who enjoys backpacking has a story or two to share about the …

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