How to Repair a Puffer Jacket in 3 Easy Steps

After a night of desert shenanigans involving flaming Roman candles a few weeks ago, my favorite North Face puffer jacket needs some light repair.

Thank the gear gods for Tenacious Tape. This stuff is like gold on and off the trail!

In this quick “how-to,” I’ll show you how to repair a puffer jacket, or any piece of fabric gear for that matter, in three easy steps.

Here’s what you’ll need for your puffer jacket repair:

  1. Tenacious Tape (on
  2. Pair of scissors


Step 1: Create a patch

A rectangular patch of Tenacious Tape cut from the roll sits next to a hole in the puffer jacket.

Using your scissors, cut out a patch of Tenacious Tape that’s slightly larger than the hole you are going to repair. It should have about 1/4 inch overlap or so on all sides.

Step 2: Round the edges

Round off any sharp corners or edges on the patch. This will keep the edges of the tape from accidentally catching on to things that can rip your patch off.

A rectangular patch of Tenacious Tape with rounded corners sits next to a hole in the puffer jacket.

Step 3: Apply the patch

Pull the backing off the tape and place your patch over the hole. Apply pressure to the patch, working from the center out to remove any air bubbles.

Gear Aid repair tape sits on a puffer jacket in desperate need of repair

A hole in the puffer jacket repaired using clear Tenacious Tape.
Place the patch over the hole and apply pressure

That’s it! You’re puffer jacket is as good as new… or at least as close as you can get it without sending it back to the manufacturer, or doing some fancy needlework.

Allow the patch to set for a while before washing, and the repair should last for years to come.

Have you got a repair tip you’d like to share? Let me hear about it in the comments below.

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