Three Sisters Falls in Cleveland National Forest

Three Sisters Falls trail is located just a stone’s throw southwest of Julian, CA. in the heart of Cleveland National Forest. This path promises an exhilarating adventure for those seeking a challenge and a taste of unspoiled natural beauty. The reward for this challenging hike is the stunning Three Sisters Waterfalls hidden deep within the valley.

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Trailhead Information and Facilities

Getting to the Three Sisters Falls trailhead is an adventure in itself. Although four-wheel drive is not required to navigate the winding forest road, bringing a vehicle with good clearance is recommended. Parking is available, but spaces can quickly fill up, especially on weekends. Don’t forget your Adventure Pass – it’s your ticket to exploring this slice of wilderness. As for facilities, nature takes center stage here, so remember to pack in everything you’ll need.

About Three Sisters Falls

This trail is a testament to nature’s rugged beauty. The terrain is steep and challenging, with rocky outcrops and uneven ground underfoot. Towering chaparral and ancient oaks frame your path, providing a welcome touch of shade on sun-drenched days. This trail is best suited for seasoned hikers with a taste for adventure. Leave your furry friends and little ones at home for this one.

The journey spans approximately 4.05 miles round-trip, taking around 3 hours to complete. Hiking down into the valley is relatively easy, but brace yourself for an elevation gain of 1000 feet on the hike out. Late fall through spring is the prime time to explore when the falls are flowing, and the landscape is the most picturesque.

Hiking Three Sisters Falls

Embarking on this trail is a journey into the heart of the raw, untamed wilderness. The path leads you through a diverse landscape, with the sound of the waterfalls as your constant companion. Take each step with care, and don’t rush, especially if you choose to climb the falls. This experience is meant to be savored.

What to Expect on Three Sisters Falls

As you forge ahead, expect a path less traveled. The trail, while challenging, is well worth the effort. Sturdy, closed-toe footwear is a must for this hike, as is sunscreen to combat the California sun. And be sure to carry an ample supply of water, especially during warmer weather. Wildlife may grace your journey, from lively birdsong to the occasional rustle in the brush. Be sure to tread lightly and respect the natural inhabitants of this rugged terrain.

In the heart of Cleveland National Forest, the Three Sisters Falls trail beckons to those with an adventurous spirit and a love for untamed beauty. With its steep terrain and stunning waterfalls, this hike promises both challenge and reward.

When to Go

  • Fall
  • Spring
  • Winter

What to Bring & Wear

  • Adventure Pass is required in most areas around Cleveland National Forest
  • At least two liters of water
  • Hiking shoes or boots with plenty of traction
  • Sunscreen & hat