When Selfies with Rattlesnakes Go Bad, They Go Really Bad

Alex Gomez Selfie with Rattlesnake

Have you ever been tempted to snap a selfie with a rattlesnake? Of course you haven’t, because you’re a sensible person, and you realize that rattlers don’t photograph well.

Alex Gomez with a Rattlesnake - CBS Los Angeles
Alex Gomez with a Rattlesnake – CBS Los Angeles

Not to mention that they absolutely hate social media. It’s a fact. I read it on Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, not everyone got the memo, and on Monday, a man from Lake Elsinore, CA decided to wrangle himself up a co-star for his now world-famous selfie with a rattlesnake. Sadly, the photo turned out a little grainy, but you can clearly see Alex Gomez, 36, with a four-foot rattlesnake wrapped around his neck.

What could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, Sean Penn doesn’t like the paparazzi and neither do rattlesnakes. Thanks to Mr. Gomez’s mother and CBS Los Angeles, you can hear how it all played out.

Please don’t take selfies with rattlesnakes. But if the idea is just irresistible to you, take a look a previous post I wrote called, Snake Bite Treatment and Prevention When You’re on the Trail.

Read the full story: Lake Elsinore Man May Lose Hand After Attempting To Take Selfie With Rattlesnake – CBS Los Angeles

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