Cowles Mountain South Trail

Cowles Mountain Southern Trail

Distance: 3 miles | Hiking time: 2 hours | Difficulty: 6/10

If you’re looking for a quick, challenging hike in San Diego that is easy to find and offers unobscured views of San Diego for as far as the eye can see, look no further than Cowles Mountain. But be ready because lots of other people are looking for the same thing.

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Black Mountain

Black Mountain Miner's Ridge Loop Trail

Distance: 4.25 miles | Hiking time: 2 hours | Difficulty: 5/10

Black Mountain, located in the heart of Black Mountain Open Space Park, is home to one of the most inspiring observation points in Central San Diego. The Miner’s Ridge Loop Trail takes hikers along a winding path that gradually ascends to the 1554 foot summit of Black Mountain Peak. If it’s a quick, easy hike with big payoffs that you’re looking for, then you can’t do much better than Black Mountain.

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McGinty Mountain Trail – Hiking for Peaks and Valleys Galore!

Hike to McGinty Mountain Summit

McGinty Mountain is a fun, challenging hike with rewarding panoramic views that doesn’t require setting aside an entire day. The steep trail takes you quickly up the mountain’s face and through some of the most diverse and rare plant life in San Diego.

The trail offers a never-ending spree of photo ops and scenic outlooks that continue to change and evolve as you work your way up the mountain towards the summit. On a clear day the views from the summit are mesmerizing and offer up vast scenic rolling hills, mountain peaks, and deep valleys.

This is a great hike for just about anyone with an adventurous spirit, a good pair of hiking shoes, and a couple of hours to spare.

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