Tommy Caldwell & Google Team Up to Tackle El Capitan for Google Street View

El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

For most people, El Capitan in Yosemite National Park is a sight to behold and photograph from a distance. But for a few fearless climbers, its 3000 foot sheer granite face offers some of the most iconic challenges in the sport of rock climbing.

Earlier this year, a team of three legendary climbers eagerly joined forces with Google to document their ascent up “The Nose,” the most famous and popular climbing route on El Capitan.

Meet the Street View Team

Lynn Hill
In 1993, Lynn Hill set a new world record when she made the first successful free-climb ascent up The Nose. The climb took her 4 days to complete. Never satisfied, Lynn returned the following year to set yet another world record by free-climbing The Nose in just 23 hours, a record which stood until 2005.

Tommy Caldwell
Tommy Caldwell, who served as the cameraman for this climb, set a new world record in October 2005 by free-climbing The Nose in only 12 hours, breaking Lynn Hill’s record by a staggering 11 hours. And just two weeks later, Caldwell returned to El Cap to be the first person to free-climb it twice in one day, first climbing The Nose, then descending to climb Freerider.

According to, it will take the average climber 4 days to climb Freerider and 5 days to climb The Nose. Tommy Caldwell climbed both in just 23 hours and 23 minutes.

Alex Honnold
The third member of the team was Alex Honnold, who shares the current world record with Hans Florine (not on this team) for the fastest ascent up The Nose, which they did in 2:23:46 in 2012.

Street View: Behind the Scenes

Capturing the footage was no easy feat. In the end, they used a combination of tech tweaks to get the shots they wanted, and to be able to provide a first hand look at the ascent in a way that only Google Street View could deliver.

Take the Interactive Journey Up El Capitan

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to abandon your fears and do the the unthinkable, then you’ve got to check out the Interactive Journey up El Capitan on Google Street View. And if you’re one of those fearless types, but you have yet to attempt The Nose, this is a great way to get some insider info. before you gear up for the ascent.

Get the Full Scoop

Read Tommy Caldwell’s blog post from June 24, 2015 to get the full story about this adventure straight from the man who made it happen.

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