50+ Wilderness Survival Tips to Keep You Safe, Sound and Get You Found

Birch trees, photo by Chris Ford

Whether you’re just out for a leisurely day hike, or fending off charging Grizzlies on a 4,700 mile solo expedition around the Alaskan Yukon, the phrase, “it pays to be prepared,” cannot be overstated.

Just about anyone who enjoys backpacking has a story or two to share about the time they were so cold or scared that they were questioning their sanity for putting themselves in such a position. The reward for having endured and persevered through the tough times is an experience that you never want to relive, and will do whatever it takes to prepare for and prevent in the future.

Learning by experience, however, is really no different than learning the hard way. A better way to learn is from the experiences of others so that you can prepare yourself in advance and avoid emergencies before they ever occur.

50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!

AlfieAesthetics is a U.K. based survivalist and YouTuber with more than 73,000 channel subscribers.

In a video called, “50+ Wilderness Survival Tips!”, he packs years of wilderness survival experience down into about 14 minutes, making it the perfect digital Cliff Notes version of a survival handbook.

Here are a few summarized highlights from the video:

  • Use Birch tree bark for tinder, signal torch, and waterproof roof tiles for your shelter
  • Use Pine resin as a fire extender, glue, and an antiseptic
  • Packing dry leaves in your jacket or clothing will insulate you and help keep you warm
  • Acorns, Oak bark and Blackberry leaves have tannic acid, an effective anti-diarrhea medicine
  • Eating snow and ice will lower your core temperature and could accelerate hypothermia
  • Use Willow tree bark to treat headaches, fever, and as a pain reliever

Watch the video below to learn more about these tips and many others:

Do you have any wilderness survival tips of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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